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When playing progressive slot machines the best pay out is always with the max bet allowed. This means, if the game says that the max bet is 3 coins, you ... Slots - Odds, Strategy and Payback % - OddsShark

Author and casino expert Steve Bourie takes a look at various types of slot machines and discusses when it is best to bet maximum coins on them. Machines ... Players Guide - When I play slots should I play max bet? One of the most debated topics regarding slot machines is max bet and whether or not your should always hit that bet max button. There is no definite answer to the ... Coin Denominations and When to Bet Max or Min in Slots Games

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Play Less Than Max On Penny Slots? - Las Vegas Forum ... I'm one of the foolish who play the penny slots :-) Like others have said, read the paytables. I only bet max on Quick Hit machines, or ones where the max ... Why So Many Bets on Slots? Do Most People Just Play Max Bet? Slot machines have been around for a long time. In fact, they have been around since Charles Fey invented them in San Franciso back in 1887. They slowly began to ...

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Max Bet Myth Busted. They multiply winnings by the number of coins wagered per line, with no disproportionate reward for betting the max. You get the same payback percentage by betting one coin per line as if you were betting five, nine or whatever the maximum is for that machine. Playing slots at max bet - Cruise Casinos - Cruise Critic Dec 14, 2018 · Nightengale31 makes an important point - it's always important to read the game rules for the machine you're playing. Some machines will award the Jackpot(s) on less that max bet play, some will not. In general, it's always better to play max bet. If your budget won't go to the max bet on one machine, find another which suits your budget.

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Play Less Than Max On Penny Slots? - Las Vegas Forum - TripAdvisor May 7, 2011 ... To hit the highest payout on $0.25 or $1.00 slot machines you have to put .... That's one of the few machines I play max bet on with exception of ...

If you can’t afford the max bet on a slot then drop down in denominations or move to a machine where the max bet is smaller and works within your bankroll. 6. Class 2 slots aren’t really slots at all. Sometimes you’ll come across slot machines that are classified as class 2 slots.

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